Home-Work for Business

The Work From Home Solution For PC & Mac Users

Home-Work give you a 360° protection of your remote workforce – looking after both the health of the PC and the employee, providing end-to-end actionable visibility of their digital experiences, to proactively detect and remediate IT issues remotely, real-time. ​

With unique insight, powerful remote actions and a direct employee engagement channel, this ensures a great digital experience to employees, regardless of where they are.

  • No visibility into the issues remote users may be experiencing.
  • Difficulty monitoring remote based cloud/on-premise services.
  • Inability/expensive to send on-site support or remote access into remote locations.
  • Inability to communicate in context with remote users.
  • Get a complete picture of desktop/laptop consumption from the end-user perspective and diagnose issues experienced by employees with ease.
  • Monitor EVERY user experience using critical business services in real time.
  • Use automated remediation to fix issues immediately on remote user devices.
  • Leverage in context pop-ups to communicate with users no need for ineffective email-based surveys/communication methods.

The key benefits with Home-Work for Business


Maintain real-time visibility of all your remote workers. Leverage a remote digital experience score, network quality data, service performance data and employee engagement capabilities to proactively detect and react to issues impacting the users digital experience

Performance Monitor
employees’ ability to stay productive and collaborate with their colleagues by
ensuring the ongoing performance of their routine digital tools. Allow IT to
quickly diagnose issues and initiate remote actions to solve IT incidents,
regardless of employee location.


Provide a rich 2-way communication channel between IT and remote workers to reduce any sense of isolation and to support ongoing retrieval of remote worker sentiment. IT can combine this sentiment data with existing network data to produce a holistic view of remote workers digital experience.

Digital Employee Experience Score​ (DEX)

DEX is an employee’s holistic experience with the digital workplace that IT Provides, allowing them to be productive and engaged. The experience touches on different levels: the physical, sensorial, emotional and rational. Measuring it allows you to:​

  • Know where you stand​
  • Deliver the right data for the right people​
  • Deliver continuous improvement​
  • Directly impact your bottom line

Gain unique insight on your remote workers’ situation

  • Use DEX Scores for both remote and in-office workers
  • Manage DEX to ensure it is the same for both remote and in-office workers
  • Gain a complete 360˚ view of your remote ecosystem, its critical services and employee satisfaction
  • Exploit employee-centric visibility to easily detect, diagnose and remediate employee IT issues

Managing Digital Employee Experience, regardless of employee location

  • Analyse – Experience Analytics: Discover and score workplace needs & issues in real time
  • Act – Workplace Automation: Become proactive with self-help and self-healing
  • Engage – Employee Engagement: Get timely feedback & engage employees in personalised interactions
  • Integrate – Operational Intelligence: Enrich all IT systems with IT Workplace real-time data

Acting on the main drivers of digital experience

Device Verify hardware functionality and
accessibility to ensure that they are remote-ready

Web Browsing Monitor
and diagnose network quality and web access from both server and remote worker

Productivity & Collaboration Ensure
employees’ digital tools allow them to remain productive and stay in touch,
independently of location

Business Applications Provide
users with undisrupted access to their critical services to prevent impact on

Security Certify
VPN and corporate software compliance to ensure security and accessibility
standards are maintained

Employee Satisfaction Engage
directly with employees to gather sentiment data and to respond to employees
who require remote assistance

Monitor Wellbeing with Personalised Employee Engagement

Engage with employees to monitor wellbeing, reduce the feeling of isolation and maintain productivity and satisfaction across the board

Monitor critical services and prevent degradation

  • Gain collaboration tool performance insight to ensure they are running without disruption
  • View employees’ current remote network response time to diagnose any issues
  • Visualise different usage and performance trends over your remote ecosystem

Make sure your infrastructure, and employees, are ready…

  • Check the status of your different device types, whether virtualised or local
  • Monitor key certificate e.g. VPN, Office 365, …
  • Ensure collaboration tools, firewall and VPN are installed
  • Ensure security standards are set-up and respected


  • Enables the user remote digital experience
  • What’s going on with specific applications
  • Monitor online when on apps

Teams Solution

  • MS Teams Library Pack
  • Adoption
  • Health – connection authentication issues
  • Usage
  • Repair upgrade clients as needed


  • Daily Dashboards Home-Work Metrics Usability
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Real-Time Dashboards​User Services, Application Health including, crashes, connectivity

MS Office Solution

  • MS Office Library Pack
  • Adoption
  • Health – connection authentication issues
  • Usage
  • Repair upgrade clients as needed


  • Proactive Alerts to individual or all UsersExample: If Teams is not working then a message can be sent to eliminate help desk calls​
  • In context Surveys – (when services are being used or proactive support)Culture
  • Mental health of employee
  • Physical health of employee

Updates & Conflicts

  • No need for onsite or remote desktop sessions
  • Automatic remediation of devices
  • Secure VPN updates
  • Virus Scan Updates
  • Deploy Critical Software

User Must Have:

Active Internet Connection

Collector installed on machine (Install a collector on all machines – BYOD and Company Supplied – Can be installed from home)

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