Now to Wow

Now to Wow!

Creative thinking for inspirational outcomes

Now to Wow!  is a product and service transformation methodology that envisions, then delivers the future

This unique Spin Cycle service takes products and/or services from average and indifferent to Wow! in just 90 days.

Our seven-step process stimulates ideas and creative thinking, focuses on outcomes and visualises a Transformation Roadmap. Impact is compelling and delivered at pace

7 Steps from Now to Wow!

Business Outcomes

Energise and rejuvenate tired or flagging services or products

Deliver a transformational strategy and roadmap, and Wow! statement

Achieve quick wins during the 90-day Spin Cycle

Create an iterative and repeatable process for transformation.

Injecting Creativity

Typical challenges

Inspiring and engaging operational people to think creatively and innovate.

How we respond

By taking teams beyond operational issues, getting them focused on future outcomes to define what Wow! looks like.

Addressing strategy when operational issues are front of mind.

By combining operational issues into the methodology and building them into plans.

Fulfilling customer expectations and listening to the team.

By facilitated expectations exchange between all stakeholders, including management, customers, providers and users.

Delivering achievable change within a viable timeline, and proving large scale changes are taking place ahead of final deliverables.

By constructing plans to provide interim service improvements as stepping stones to the final Wow!

Now to Wow- Financial Services Client

Delivery of Now to Wow! Methodology on the Support and Service Desk areas of our financial services client. We transformed these areas from teams that were seen as poorly performing to a world class function that became a showcase for the company. Highest attrition in the company – reduced by 50%, staff satisfaction from worst of breed to best of breed. We improved fulfilment by 50% with our Now to Wow Spin Cycle.