Productivity Accelerator

Productivity Accelerator

Measuring productivity to boost performance

The Productivity Accelerator is a complete service product and toolkit for CIOs and IT Leaders to assess and improve the productivity of your teams within 90 days.

Designed to capture the resources available to – and work undertaken within – the organisation.

This fixed term, fixed price engagement uncovers new ways to boost productivity through automation, optimisation and continuous improvement.

Measure, visualise and improve

Take advantage of our in-app ‘treatment rooms’ to identify optimal areas for change, and enjoy quick wins through recommended automation, optimisation and improvement actions.

Business outcomes

Provide a measure of, and visualise, productivity across the organisation

Raise awareness of costs and productivity inefficiencies

Identify the optimal areas for improvement action

Boost productivity to boost competitive advantage

The benefits of our methodology:

Provide a measure of, and visualise, productivity across the organisation

Raise awareness of costs and  productivity inefficiencies

Identify the optimal areas for  improvement action

Boost productivity to drive competitive advantage

Why is it important?

Whether you are taking over an organisation or need to get more from your people, getting an objective view of the value you are getting from your team is problematic.

It is easy to get with exceptions and justifications, especially when dealing with specialist roles. Illuminet brings a practical data driven approach to assessing productivity across your whole organisation and building a plan to get more from your teams.

Accelerating Productivity

Typical challenges

Capturing the cost of your teams and utilising the data in an actionable way.

How we respond

By creating a framework to capture people costs.

Assessing the work your teams are doing in a consistent way across the organisation – not just at individual process or role level.

By linking costs to work being carried out.

Gaining an organisation-wide view of cost drains on productivity.

By visualising the organisation’s productivity and prioritising the opportunities for improvement.

Developing strategies to respond and improve.

By assessing work products against automation, optimisation and improvement opportunities.

Productivity Accelerator- Public Sector Client

Our client wanted expertise, innovative, challenging yet supportive thinking in order to transform our business processes. The illuminet team have ignited our clients ambition for excellence and provided a road map for how it can be achieved. We saved our client £175,000 per annum and stabilised the SAR (subject access request) team to 5 full time equivalent. Know system and rocess problems were eliminated reducing effort and saving over £8,000 of print and postage costs. The incomplete applications rework was eliminated saving 16% of processing effort and removing 95% of the need for customer service follow up. “Improving the quality of the input achieved over 70% of the benefits”